South African Geomatics Council

Registration Forms

These are   ONLY   the Registration Forms for the various categories.

For the complete information on the procedure for Registration and the Notes for Guidance, law exam syllabus and covering letters with fees, please click on the category below.

Please consult the complete information (link above) and complete all required parts, before submitting your registration and documentation to the SAGC office (previously PLATO).


Professional Land Surveyor Engineering Surveyor GISc MiningSurveyor Photogrammetric Hydrographic Surveyor
Technologist - Engineering Surveyor GISc MiningSurveyor Photogrammetric -
Technician - EngineeringSurveyor GISc MiningSurveyor Photogrammetric -

Council fees are adjusted every year. Please see COUNCIL FEES for the latest rates.

All "In-Training" students, please contact the SAGC office for registration forms and correct fees payable.