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All qualified Professional Surveyors, Technologist Surveyors, Technician Surveyors and GISc Practitioners have to be registered with the South African Council for Professional and Technical Surveyors (PLATO). Professional, Technologist and Technician Surveyors in training can also register with PLATO.
See Members under the various categories. (Members data is correct as of 12 December 2014.)

To become a registered Surveyor with PLATO various specified exams have to be passed, council fees paid, work experienced tasks certified and registration forms completed.
See Registration section covering all the details of qualifying as a PLATO registered surveyor as well as the current  Council fees.

The PLATO Council is an elected committee of members. The Registrar is based in the PLATO Office and co-ordinates all the office and council functions.

Information about studying to become a Surveyor and the bursaries offered can be found in Studying section.

There are many Acts and Rules governing the practice of Surveying. All the Acts and Rules required for the examinations (open book and closed book) can be downloaded from this website.
See the Legislation section on this website for all the downloads.

Continual Professional Development (CPD) was implemented on the 1 June 2012.
All PLATO members are registered according to the details in Table A in the Rules.

Please Contact us should you require any further information.

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21 Jan 2015- CPD - Events - register for PVT224.
19 Jan 2015 - CPD Service providers and LINKS - updated link to University of Pretoria
14 Jan 2015 - NEWS - Equipment - STOLEN Leica TC407 - Mangosuthu University Technology
13 Jan 2015 - CPD - Events - new events IMSSA238, IMSSA239, register for IMSSA218,
                                                     and IMSSA238.
12 Jan 2015 - REGISTRATION - In training - Land Surveyor Notes for guidance updated to
                                                    version March 2012.
12 Jan 2015 - REGISTRATION - Professional - Land Surveyor Notes for guidance updated to
                                                    version March 2012.
12 Jan 2015 - CPD - Forms - CPD personal records form EXAMPLE updated.
12 Jan 2015 - CPD - Rules - Rules ammended Nov 2014 and CPD procedure updated.
12 Dec 2014 - CPD - Events - register for PVT222, GISSA227 and GISSA237 new events UNI229,
                                                    UNI230, UNI231, UNI232, UNI233, UNI234, UNI235, UNI236 and
12 Dec 2014 - REGISTRATION - Technologists - Registration notes updated to 2011 version.
9 Dec 2014 - NEWS - PLATO circulars - Registrar's Notification 632 - 10 Dec.
8 Dec 2014 - CPD - Events - register for GISSA223 new events SAGI226, GISSA227, PVT228.

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